Now Offering Virtual Lessons

Now Offering Virtual Lessons

Las Vegas Vocal Lessions

Vocal Training Method

Ronnie Fabre’s Las Vegas vocal lessons have helped many local performers and aspiring singers perform to their full potential. Ronnie has been performing and singing onstage for most of her life. Over the last twenty-five years she has become well known in Las Vegas music circles as a private vocal lesson teacher. Ronnie has taught vocal lessons to hundreds of singing students in Las Vegas, NV. Many of Ronnie’s students have been singing long before taking her private singing classes, while some of them are just learning the concepts of matching pitch and finding their true voice.

Now Offering Virtual Lessons – call for an appointment

With over 30 years experience in vocal performance and voice training, Ronnie’s singing lessons can help you achieve to the next level with your voice, whether you are performing, auditioning or working on getting a rid of a little bit of stage fright. Whether you are a professional singer or just beginning, taking Ronnie’s singing class will develop your voice with singing techniques. Ronnie’s vocal training through the “Seth Riggs Method” will make your voice more elastic, as well as strengthen it and improve the range of your voice tremendously.

Learning Speech Level Singing

Ronnie began to teach singing after her initial meeting, and encouragement from her vocal teacher, Seth Riggs. Ronnie has been taking vocal lessons and been studying with Seth for over thirteen years. Ronnie feels the Seth Riggs method changed her life in the respect of understanding the voice and learning to sing as effortlessly as we speak. Ronnie stated that the freedom that the method offers gives a singers voice much more freedom.

Ronnie brings to her teaching the experience of 30 years of being on stage. She has the ability to teach mic technique, aid as a performance, and provide confidence on stage in vocal lessons. Because Ive been singing in every venue possible from broadway and showrooms, to the recording studio, I know first hand what it feels like to hit that stage, and have to really deliver, whether its for 1,500 or 15 people! And you better be a good singer! I believe I can help you achieve that goal, whether its singing karaoke for friends, or an audition for a big show. My main goal with your singing lesson is to teach you all that I’ve learned about the voice, and the business, and to get YOU out there and working!

About Ronnie

Known from Las Vegas to New York as the “Little Girl with the Big Voice”

Ronnie Fabre began her professional career when in 1968, as a teenager, she traveled to Vietnam with the “Safaris”- of Wipeout fame, and was also the playoff band for the Bob Hope Show for 68′ 69′. She returned to the states, and sang backup for the Righteous Bros and Bill Medley. Ronnie moved to Las Vegas in 1970 and has proceeded to sing every major strip hotel.

Ronnie has appeared with or in:

  • Pinups 2001 at the Sahara hotel working with Jerry Jackson as lead singer in Wholly smokes
  • Nelson Riddle recording on two projects as Ensmble & Lead singer
  • The all female band Topaz, as lead singer, playing the Playboy Club circuit
  • “Vegas Company” (lead singer) at Caesars Palace
  • Sid and Marty Kroffts “Comedy Kings”
  • The Checkmates (lounge band of the year)
  • “Legends in Concert” portraying Ethel Merman and Judy Garland at Imperial Palace
  • Lon Bronson All star band
  • Many Jazz greats
  • “The Divas”, in which she portrayed Judy Garland

Has been vocal coach for Dance Studio 1 for 11 Years

Ronnie’s comedic flair has been seen at “Catch a Rising Star”, at Bally’s, where her quick wit and funny impressions were warmly received by the audience. Known from Vegas to New York as the “Little girl with the big voice” – her renderings of Ethel, Judy, Martha Raye, and a slew of others is a delight to hear ! Ronnie, as a guest on Paul Shaffers “Viva Shaf Vegas”, was described by Paul as a “crazy and zany gal!” Ronnie has opened for Allen and Rossi, Frank Gorshin, and Tony Bennett. She and Steve Golden have a band called “The Golden-Fabre Syndrome”, with a vast range from pop to jazz. Steve is a gifted sax, flute, and electronic woodwind player, who has played every showroom with greats from Sinatra to Diana Ross.

Singing Lessons

Every private singing lesson is geared to the individual student’s needs. Your first vocal lesson will consist of an evaluation to determine what level to start out at and also to identify particular goals and future singing goals.

If you are a Las Vegas resident and just want to take singing lessons, or if you are on the road and need to have a quick tune-up lesson, you should definitely take the opportunity to to improve your vocal range by meeting Ronnie for a singing lesson in the heart of Las Vegas.

Singing Lessons for:

Lessons for ages and all levels, female or male and all musical styles. Voice training for worship leaders, church choirs, choral groups, bands, etc. are also available.

Ronnie’s goal is to bring the power of effective teaching and put it in your hands, no matter your personal situation, whether you are a professionally trained singer or a beginning singer needing to find your voice.

Could you or your child be the next American Idol?
No matter what kind of singer you want to be, whether it is pop, jazz, classical, or “crossover”, your voice is your instrument. You should always be keeping your voice in peak condition. With over thirty years of singing and stage performance experience not only can Ronnie offer career guidance and advice to help you achieve all your musical potential, but she will also have you singing at your peak level. You can have Las Vegas vocal lessons and sing like the star you were meant to be!

Ever considered learning an instrument?

Many students decide to combine an instrument to their singing lessons. Most popular are guitar and ukelele (an instrument that has been growing in popularity in many of the latest hit songs).

Vocal Studio Location

Ronnie Fabre’s private vocal studio is in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is near the center of the city and is very close to I-15 and US-95 (spaghetti bowl – local reference) and within 5 miles of Summerlin. Exact directions to the studio will be given upon lesson confirmation.

About Private Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons are by appointment only. Ronnie also offers private lessons at your own home for an additional fee – please ask for details.

Singing Lesson Tips

  • Warm up your voice: vocal exercises, singing a song, etc. Do so before your first voice lesson, as you will be asked to sing a small piece of any song of your choice so Ronnie can evaluate your current singing level. DO NOT fatigue your voice before your first lesson, as it will affect the evaluation from your vocal coach.
  • Take responsibility for your own singing voice and use the time you have with your vocal coach to your advantage. Ask questions, be assertive!
  • Dress comfortably. We have fun, but be prepared to work hard.

Schedule Your Singing Lesson Today

To schedule an appointment or additional questions about private and group training please call (702) 376-0945.

If you have any questions in regards to your singing lesson, visit the contact page to get all the answers from Ronnie Fabre, your personal Las Vegas vocal coach.

If you are interested in learning how to play an instrument, Ronnie also offeres guitar lessons. To take saxophone, clarinet, or flute lessons, please visit www.stevegolden.com.

Ukulele Lessons

Many of Ronnie’s students have asked to become part of her Las Vegas ukulele lessons. There have been many popular songs released in the past few years that have ukulele music in the main rhythm of the song. There have also been many popular ukulele covers done from billboard top 100 as you can see by a quick search on You Tube. Ronnie is an accomplished ukulele player and has taught students young and old to become comfortable with playing and singing along with a ukulele. They also make a great option for young students who want to learn the guitar. Rather than learning on a junior size guitar that are difficult to transition to the larger guitar later, it makes sense to have have students learn “the uke” and have a larger selection of instruments they are able to play proficiently.